May 2019 Editor's Fix

Growing up, I loved the freedom of playing in our neighbourhood. We felt safe to explore and adventure, and so did our parents as they created a larger family looking out for one another. Building forts, extensive games of Star Wars and Cops and Robbers, walks to and from school, bike rallies, river walks and swimming holes. Significant bonds were formed and memories made, rich with emotion and sentiment, still quick to surface. Feelings of warmth, of place and understanding.

To this day, these bonds remain. We may be scattered around the world, but we know the love and support is there. An email, a call or a trip away. And it provides comfort, a feeling of community.

Raising a family here now, I find myself on the other side. We’re settling into our neighbourhood and new friendships are igniting. The girls are roaming the woods and heading ‘down to Marek’s.’ If someone can’t make the bus stop, a call is made and we’re there to meet the kids. Plans for walks to school and after-school play dates are in the works. It’s a beautiful and nostalgic thing, and we’re just at the beginning.

Taking a good look at Fernie, examples of these smaller-scale communities are everywhere, making up the whole. In schools, between businesses, through organizations and the many activities and recreational pastimes we take part in. They overlap and create a net with unparalleled strength. At Fernie’s heart is a community, a community every resident here is proud of and works hard at. A community that lifts us up and cheers us on and supports when needed.

Comforting is an understatement - our community is our Fernie Family.