May 2016 Editor's Fix

If you look at anything you’ve done, are striving towards or are planning to do you will find multiple sources of reinforcement. From the people organizing the event you are attending to the people taking care of your kids to allow you to go in the first place. From the gentle and encouragement from family when pursuing a goal, to that over the top cheerleader in your life rah-rah-rahing until it’s said and done. Even when it comes to something as simple as planting a garden, there are people so passionate about this topic that they will come to your house and help you plan and dig. Believe me, this happened to me.

And all I did was put it out into the world.

Start with this one step, putting it out there. And you will see that people, organizations, businesses… they will get behind you. And I’m not just talking about your tribe, your every-day community. I’m talking about a new community, one that will be formed by this new endeavour. And the beauty of this, is that new connections are made and the support is paid forward.

We are about to build a house for the first time. And wow, it feels a bit over my head at times. There isn’t a day I don’t feel grateful for the resources in our community. The people willing to share knowledge and time, and answer questions even if it’s the fourth time asked, or the 20th in a row. The patience, understanding and most importantly… the excitement. Even with people who have done this countless times, they are so very stoked for us and this leap we are taking.

That’s what community means to me. It’s getting behind people. Genuinely celebrating their successes, and mourning their losses. To have such sincere empathy, it’s impossible to not be connected. And, with each issue of the Fix, especially this one – the Community edition, I realize that’s what we have here. That’s what living in Fernie is all about. That is why our community is so celebrated.

We dedicate this edition to the many individuals, organizations and businesses volunteering their time, resources and energy towards strengthening this community. To you, we are grateful.