May 2015 Editor's Fix

Kermit the Frog first sang “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green” back in 1970, but now, some 45 years later, he could happily sing the opposite sentiment – that it’s easier being green. Information about green technologies is plentiful, building supplies that can make our homes more energy efficient are easier to access, and there is ample evidence to show that we can encourage political will if we try. And living in the Elk Valley, with its fresh, crisp Spring air, access to forests and beautiful mountain backdrop, there is no shortage of inspiration to live in a way that is healthier – and greener – on macro and micro levels.

Just after Earth Day in April and Earth Hour in March, we might find ourselves even more inspired to take on challenges big and small – so let’s go with it, Fernie! Throughout this month’s Fix, our contributors have researched ways in which we can re-use, reduce and recycle – from a personal year-without-plastic-bags challenge to ways to re-use your old yoga mats. New this month is a gardening column by Jennifer Heath and Helen McAllister, who released Down to Earth: Cold-climate gardens and their keepers last fall; the column (and their book) is sure to inspire you to get out into the yard and get down to earth, which might just be one of the greenest acts you can take this year. And I had the opportunity to interview two dedicated volunteers with Fernie’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Committee, who told me about ways in which the City is challenging its energy usage.

I hope our articles leave you inspired and that you enjoy this month’s Fernie Fix as much as I enjoyed being its guest editor.