March 2019 Editor's Fix

“I like wearing nice dresses because people tell me I look pretty.”

Ouch. Raising two girls often petrifies me. I want so much for them to be happy and confident with who they are, but I know how difficult the journey can be. I had troubles in my early years at University. My heart had been broken and I began making changes in an attempt to avoid the same pain in future. Looking back, these changes actually hurt me more than anything but the continued positive reinforcement from others… compliments and attention on my appearance and accommodating behaviour, created a snowball effect that took nearly ten years to reverse. Not only was I not being my authentic self, it resulted in attracting people to me who ultimately were not a good fit.

I am grateful every day to have found a group of empowering women who took me under their wing, loved me for who I am, and introduced me to a sport that exposed a side of myself I never knew existed… or perhaps had long forgotten. These women were a catalyst of change, in them I found strength.

I would give anything for my girls to avoid experiencing a similar journey. For them to never doubt their worth, their abilities. For them to love themselves and to go with confidence into the world. To feel equal and to demand the best.Undoubtedly my journey is easier that my mom’s, and hers easier than her mom’s. Maybe it is this recognition, giving a voice to what we have endured and what others have endured before us, going out into the world and saying #metoo, that is ever so slowly making a permanent and positive change for the futures of our children.

And this gives me hope and excitement. My girls will likely continue to receive a lot of compliments on what they’re wearing, but they will also continue to hear how great they ski, how clever they are, how kind and generous their hearts are. Which makes me a little less petrified and a whole lot of proud.