June 2023 Editor's Fix

Today Fernie awoke to cloudy skies. It’s May, and imagining a smoky summer is rather depressing. I have already been feeling deflated after last week’s decision by the RDEK to allow the rezoning of a beautiful piece of land between Fernie and the ski hill. Environmental stress is compounding, which I think is inevitable if we are staying in tune and doing our part to advocate for the future of our children and this planet. 

What is interesting is that I continue to feel hope. I speak with young people, and their curiosity and opinions are so refreshing and sincere. They are learning from a young age things many of us are just realizing now, and thus will lead different lives which will in turn have different impacts on their environments. Yes, they will have to work hard to reverse the damage done by those before them, but it is possible. Like our feature resident Megan Lohmann said during our interview, it is possible to stay positive by acknowledging that pain, uncertainty and constant work are part of life. 

So, let’s stay the course. Continue to work together as a community and as a region. And as I say often to my kids, we need to “just keep swimming” even if at times it feels all up stream, and we’ll get there.