June 2017 Editor's Fix

I used to spend hours studying different corners of the world. These dreams took me to amazing places, with my sisters, with my friends, often on my own. I had no real roots to plant me in any one place. I was still discovering who I was and where I wanted to be.

Now, firmly rooted in Fernie with two wee ones we still manage to take trips here and there. But, travelling has changed for the time being. It doesn’t quite provide that reflective, unpredictable, all-unknown experience it once did. And that’s okay, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will return from “vacation” completely exhausted, but full of great memories.

Fortunately, we live in a place where it is easy to “getaway.” We all have that place or pastime we go to when we need a little solace, a little self-discovery, a little piece of mind. Perhaps it’s a secret camping spot, or a cabin on one of the nearby lakes. The evening creeps up on you, as you sip your glass of wine by the fire and enjoy the colours of the night’s sky. And the morning, it’s extremely quiet and peaceful, wrapped in a blanket and enjoying a strong cowboy’s coffee.

Or, maybe it’s the mountains you retreat to. On foot. On bike. On skis. Just you, and the sound of your breath as you make your way along the trail or run. You have been going at a steady, rhythmic pace and suddenly find yourself confronted with a vista that slows your stride. And somehow, you barely remember the process of getting here.

This June, we challenge you to find a new Fernie getaway. Somewhere you’ve never been, or something you have yet to try. There are so many options, from a trip to Island Lake to meditation at a studio in town. Scaling a mountain top, to paddling downstream. Walking through the Old Growth Forest, or sitting next to one of the many natural waterfalls found here. The only problem will be deciding! Our columnists have a lot of suggestions, so read on and enjoy your time and retreat this month.