July 2023 Editor's Fix

“Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon.”
— C. Day Lewis

The anticipation vibrates through their little bodies, infectious to anyone around. There is a calendar on the fridge where they have been counting down to the last day of school… the same calendar used for Christmas and birthdays further in advance than I thought possible.  But they’re dedicated. It brings back memories, memories tucked so far away they first arrive as short flashes of popsicles and sprinklers, as sounds of lawn mowers and laughter. Is there anything quite as magical as the long days of summer, especially for elementary school-aged kids? 

I grew up in Fernie, to parents who both ran their own businesses and now, on the other side of this I truly appreciate how they balanced it all. Especially as there weren’t the kinds of camps available today. I am in complete awe of the variety of opportunities kids have in this community. Literally, for every interest imaginable. Last year, we registered for Uplift and the Elk River Alliance camps. This year, we’ve shifted gears and are trying out an Entrepreneur Camp and Lego Robotics –  cool, right? 

Yes, that adds up to just two weeks of camp. Because, it’s summer and I have dreams of them meeting up with neighbourhood kids and going to the park or out on an adventure. Taking their bikes to the splash park and getting a slush on the way home. Creating those memories that will come back to them when (if) they have kids of their own. Will it be tough for my partner and I to manage? Likely, but we will work when we can so we can get out and play with them. Turn off the computer, ditch the phone, float the river or go camping and create more memories we’ll reach for after they’ve gone off on their own (gulp). 

Happy summer. I hope it’s a memory making time for you and your friends / family!