July 2020 Editor's Fix

When we are faced with a challenge, an unexpected change, something new and scary, facing the unknown… we often move through a variety of emotions and feelings, in no particular order. I think it’s safe to say that thus far in 2020, we have run the gamut… on repeat.

The first feeling was likely denial. No, COVID-19 isn’t that serious. It won’t happen in Canada. Then, a bit of fear. How can I protect my family? Then some more fear. Will my business survive? Will Fernie bounce back? Then a whole lot of sadness. I miss hugging my friends. This is really affecting my children.

Well, then we got angry. REALLY ANGRY! Not only were we experiencing COVID exhaustion and being overloaded with the added responsibilities this global pandemic has affected, we came face-toface with the prevalence of systemic racism in a truly heart wrenching way. George Floyd was murdered by a police officer while he pleaded for his life and called out for his mother. Rage, shock, disbelief, rage again, nausea. Why? How? What. Is. Happening?

We wanted to know more. We read. We talked. We listened. We cried. We felt it all and we looked hard. Within, behind, ahead. We can see this mountain upon us, the work we all need to do and be a part of. And it’s daunting. But we can’t go back. Change is needed. We need to be better than this. No, we have to be better.

It’s time to focus, and it starts with each one of us.