July 2019 Editor's Fix

I think a lot about potential. Surprisingly, not related to my kids. I know one day I might worry more about how we can positively influence them to achieve their hearts’ desires and follow their passions, but for now I’m still in survival mode. Like, yes you are going to bed. And yes, today you have to go to school. And yes, I need a glass of wine.

My thoughts on potential are more related to Fernie. I have been sitting on committees and boards for some amazing, community-minded organisations, and am so very proud of the work being done. But when I move from one to the next, sometimes I can’t help but think… how could we be doing this better?

Collaboration has been a hot topic in the business world for as long as they’ve been publishing articles. Pick up a Harvard Business Review (HBR), and you’d be hard pressed not to find a compelling article on the secrets of success when it comes to working together. You can even purchase the 10 Must Reads on Collaboration by HBR!

Fernie is full of people who are very connected to this town, passionate about its community, history, arts and culture, recreational opportunities, business environment, education, amenities and services. They feel strongly, work hard, and get things done. And it’s truly inspiring, and the potential is huge. With this in mind, how can we learn from top performers and analysts in the business world? One of the hardest thing for many companies and organisations is engaging employees… we already have this magic with our army of volunteers. I think the key is finding partnerships across sectors. Instead of working with our heads down, let’s encourage people at the table to look up. To be open about what is happening in our area of the community, and to trust others in what they are doing. Acknowledge common goals, and surprise ourselves with the efficiencies, innovation, and long-term stability created by collaboration.

Sometimes I can’t help but feel like it’s going to be challenging to get there. I mean, mostly this is volunteer based and everyone has a family, business and hobbies outside of this committee or board. But mostly, I feel excited… about the possibilities, the opportunities, the potential. And I pick up that HBR, keep the creative juices flowing, and take a look up and around. We’ve got this.