July 2018 Editor's Fix

Curiosity: the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.


It’s so easy to become complacent. Moving through each day, satisfied with what we have, what we’re doing, where we’re going. It’s simple, comfortable and helps us to avoid disappointment, avoid failure. But, what if?

What if we tune in to that inner voice, and seek the answers to its questions?

What are the views from that mountain peak?

A trip with my young family… challenging but worth it?

What drives these people, running for so long and into the night?

And just where are these bikepackers who come through our town every summer going?

Everyone has his or her own voice, with its own variety of curiosity. But many of us have become so focused, so busy it can be difficult to hear and easy to disregard.

Fortunately,we’re here. In Fernie. And I truly believe living in and visiting an environment like ours fosters a natural inclination towards curiosity. How can we facilitate this? By slowing down and listening.Before too long, we’ll be looking down on the Valley from atop Mount Fernie. Setting out on a camping trip along the Bull River with our kids. Signing up for our first ever trail running event. Planning our backcountry bike route through the Flathead.

The best part is once we’ve tuned in to this inquisitiveness, we will likely find it flowing in abundance… the muscle has turned on, and will now work on its own. It’s just up to us to follow through and put ourselves out there.

So what are we waiting for? It’s time to be curious.