July 2016 Editor's Fix

“You can do it!”

“I believe in you.”

“It’s okay if you don’t get it. Just try your best!”

In our household, I am known as the family cheerleader. At first, I fought the title, perceiving its negative connotation, but three years in, I have let go of any worry and continue to work hard at being a positive and encouraging voice to my girls. The saying, “What you say today is their inner voice tomorrow,” helps guide me when I get off path.

Lately, I’ve been examining my own inner voice, as I have been feeling overwhelmed and questioning myself a lot. From losing my patience with my kids and partner, to not believing in my abilities, to over committing… when something falls through the cracks, which is inevitable, that inner voices kicks in. “Why did you let that happen? You should know better! Come on, Krista!?”

How can I be genuine and empowering to my girls, if I am not rooting for myself first?

In a few days, I am headed to race my bike for the first time in a long while, and while that negative inner voice has made its point, (“You haven’t biked enough. This is hard on your family. How can you race without sleep?”) I am leaving it behind and ready to try my best. Believe in myself. I can do it. And not just for me, but for my family as well.

Above all else, I am going to have fun. Because the best part about feeling confident and powerful is that it’s fun. And fun is what it’s all about.