January 2021 Editor's Fix

For me, the best of Fernie blends and twists and overlaps. That’s what happens when you live in the place that raised you, and the evolution began so slowly but then picked up speed and it’s only when you look back you can see where you’ve been.  

The memories of childhood musings with neighbourhood kids is so crystal clear. Playing Cops and Robbers and Star Wars until street lights turn on, sneakers hitting pavement echoing as the sun sets. 
Steep and terrifying rides on the Elk and Bear T-Bar, sinking in powder up to our arm pits all day long. French fries at the Day Lodge, and standing in line for the payphone to ensure we get picked up at the end of the day. 

Walking to school, on a path behind our house that winds its way up a small hill reaching the back field of Ridgemont Elementary. I sure miss that place. 

Yellow lockers and brick walls painted white, where my dad and aunts and sisters and I went to high school and met life-long friends and were inspired by teachers (thank you, Mrs. Sonntag, Mr. Vallance, Mr. Gietz and Mr. Smith). 

Leaving for school, and feeling so over this small town, only to come back at every single break and noticing a shift and a change and energy with each visit. New side? There’s a New Side?
Moving to the city, only to once again be drawn to Fernie. Every. Weekend. Until finally caving and moving home. 

Starting a business, because that’s what you do when you want to live here. Discovering mountain biking. Meeting new Fernie, who feel like just… Fernie. Love and passion and devotion. 

Building a home, raising a family and seeing the cycle all begin again.

Has Fernie changed? they always ask. I used to say no, not really but that’s impossible to say now. Fernie has changed, and sometimes I worry. Okay, I worry a lot. But what I can always say with truth is that what hasn’t changed is our community, our story, our history. And if we can keep this at the heart of it all - the Best of Fernie, we’ll be okay. 

Happy New Year, everyone. And a heartfelt thank you for the hard work and perseverance… and especially for the kindness. We got through it and greet a new year with hope because of you. And for that, you deserve a hug… but for now, and until we can let’s keep up the good work knowing we’re making a difference.