The Friendly Faces of FAR (Fernie Alpine Resort)

You’re in Fernie for the winter season, and thus will likely be spending a fair amount of time at Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR). We got out to meet some of the staff who make this place come to life, asking them the same four questions:

  1. When did you first start working at FAR
  2.  What brought you here?
  3. Tell us something you love about your job.
  4. What is your favourite run at the hill?

Here is what they had to say!

Emily Duhaime – Lift Operations and Ticket Checking Supervisor

  1. I first started working at FAR in November 2012, through the Job fair.
  2. We wanted to do a ski season out west and also to live in a community, not just at a ski hill and not have to do a 30 min. drive up to the hill.
  3. I love it when we make someone’s day. People save up their money, get their family organized, and travel to Fernie--we want them to have a safe and fun time when they get here.
  4. I don’t need to be sending it to have the best time, just good friends and feeling confident on my skis. North Ridge on a powder day is pretty incredible.

Faye Latulippe – Front of House Supervisor at Legends Mountain Eatery

  1. My first season was as a lifty in 2004. I have been the Front of House Supervisor at Legends since 2014.
  2. I always wanted to see the Rockies! Stayed for one season, went back home and came right back! 
  3. What I love the most about Legends in the winter is the customers that come back to see me during their vacation year after year! Also, the locals coming to get their daily beer.
  4. Linda’s Run and the Saddles are always great fun!

Mark McQuarrie - Millwright for Lift Maintenance

  1. I started working at FAR in November of 1999 as a lifty.
  2. I came here to snowboard and to have a good time.
  3. Easily the crew of people I work with! They’re all super great people who are very easy to spend 40hrs a week alongside.
  4. Don’t know if I have one. I ride pretty much all over. I guess if I have to pick, I’d say any of the big three (Stag Leap, Sky Dive, Decline) or Cedar Ridge depending on conditions.

Joey Kosolofski –Electrician/building Maintenance

  1. I started working at FAR 2014/15. I worked in the Lift Ops department.
  2. I came here to snowboard, 100%.
  3. Getting to work on the side of a mountain every day while watching the seasons change is pretty special.
  4. Tough one, but I’ve got to say Lone Fir. That run has it all!

Alina Jackman – Groomer

  1. I started working at FAR as a Ski Instructor on Christmas Day 2011.
  2. I came here for the "Legendary Powder,” an amazing community and improved quality of life.
  3. I love the anonymity and challenges associated with being a Groomer. It is a really special feeling to be out skiing during the day and watching people enjoy the mountain without any idea of how the grooming got there or who prepared it. Grooming allows me to share my love of the sport with everyone.
  4. Every run accessed by the Boomerang Chair. There is an amazing fall line skiing in every direction.Ripping short turns from top to bottom down Boomerang Ridge is always the icing on the cake.

Mark Vale – Winter Sports School

  1. I started at the ski hill in the winter of 2016.
  2. We had done a few winters at Mont Tremblant in Quebec and were on our last visa so decided to travel Canada. We accidentally ended up in Fernie, and like most people we found it hard to leave and are planning on staying permanently.
  3. I've been coaching snowboarding for the last eight years. I enjoy meeting new people and passing the knowledge of a sport that I love.
  4. Choosing a favourite run is impossible, it changes daily and depends on the conditions. The big mountain options of Fernie are so much fun.

Olivia Johnson – Ski Patrol

  1. My first season was summer 2016 and now I’m headed into my sixth!
  2. I moved here in the summer to put down some roots before the winter season started. I was trying to get on the FAR patrol team and hoped that working at the hill in the summer would help me get my foot in the door. I immediately fell in love with the town and knew I wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.
  3. Shredding (super) early morning pow and playing with explosives....pretty much the dream!
  4. It totally depends! If it’s a big powder day, you can find me somewhere in The Fingers/Easter Ridge, but slushy spring Lizard Bowl Laps with my buds are high on the list, too!