Firefighter Recruitment Drive Kicks off as RDEK Seeks to Boost Numbers

A firefighter recruitment drive is underway for the Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire and Rescue Service and the RDEK is appealing to residents to consider stepping forward to become part of the team. 

“Our fire departments play a critical role in our rural communities. To keep these departments running and able to answer calls, we need to have a dedicated core of firefighters,” stresses Elk Valley & South Country Fire Chief Michael Hockley. “We are the ones who come to help in times of emergency. We are now on the other side, asking the community for it’s help to keep our departments operating.”  

The RDEK has fire departments in Jaffray, Baynes Lake, Elko, and Hosmer, and the goal of the campaign is to recruit new members for each department, particularly Jaffray. 

“We often hear people say they are hesitant to join the department because they have no experience,” says Hockley. “We provide the training and we support new recruits through the learning process. The only requirement is an interest in helping their community and a commitment to training.” 

Application forms are available on the RDEK’s website and at the Fire Halls. Packages will also be available during the recruitment campaign from firefighters and during community events. 

“There are many benefits to becoming a part of a department,” adds Hockley. “Aside from the incredible training and leadership development, lifesaving first aid skills, and the reward of knowing you are helping your community, our firefighters all receive on-call pay and are eligible for extended benefits.” 

Anyone looking for more information can contact Hockley at 250-429-3133.   

More information on the recruiting campaign is available at