Fernie Fix Magazine

A question I often hear asked is how the Fernie Fix originated. Well, it was a fast and furious beginning for me, and an exciting and busy time for my creators Vanessa and Krista. In October of 2006 the duo was working at Savage Marketing, a local marketing and publishing company in Fernie. When they learned that the business was for sale, they decided to branch off and create something fresh and new – something Fernie didn’t have yet. It all happened very quickly, using entertainment guides published in other communities as a starting point and making it more personal to Fernie from there. Krista wanted to tell stories. Vanessa wanted artistic flexibility. The partnership was off to a good start.

This brainstorming began November 1 of 2006, and my first appearance was December 1. The name was not surprisingly coined over a cup of coffee. Whether you have lived here your entire life or spend time here on occasion, you probably know the feeling of getting in all you can while in Fernie. You want to ski hard, bike hard, eat at your favourite restaurants, have coffee at your favourite cafés, enjoy après …we all have our own specifics. The endeavor with the magazine was to become a monthly snapshot of some of Fernie’s Fix’s.

From that first issue I’ve slowly morphed into what I am today. Additional columnists came on board, lots of talented photographers surfaced, and many stories uncovered. In the summer of 2007, Vanessa and Krista wanted to put out a special edition that would help out people visiting or living in town, while hopefully attracting new people to Fernie. The girls got busy and soon I became a seasonal guide, the Fernie Winter Fix.

After three years, Vanessa and Krista still love putting me together. When Vanessa has an idea for a design, cover, or layout her eyes are wide with creativity. When Krista sits to decide on features for upcoming months, she scribbles endlessly and smiles at the many possibilities. They are often asked if they’ll ever run out of stories. Doubtful, Fernie is full of interesting people from all over the world. It can only get better.

“Each and every month we learn something. Each and every month we are excited to share the magazine. Each and every month we feel a sense of gratefulness. Each and every month we feel welcomed. And there are no plans to change our course, only to continually enhance what we do to ensure we’re always providing a product that accurately reflects you, our readers and supporters. Thank you for three years! We look forward to many more.”

1. When did you arrive in Fernie and what brought you here? I hit the stands on December 1, 2006 and a freight truck brought me here.

2. Where did you first live in Fernie? For the first year I stayed in Krista’s garage in Parkland Terrace. It was cold!

3. What was your first impression? Awe. And still is!

4. What keeps you in Fernie? Knowing that there are so many untold stories.

5. Do you have a favourite Fernie memory? My favourite memories are during distribution each month. I’m always surprised at how excited people are to receive the new me!

6. What is your favourite time of the year in Fernie and why? I like the beginning of each season. Fresh photos and content depicting the new activities everyone will soon be enjoying!

7. Where do you see Fernie in 5 to 10 years? I see Fernie as a slightly augmented version of its current self. Although many think Fernie has drastically changed over the years, it’s just lipstick. Fundamentally it’s still the same old Fernie we all know and love.

8. How do you start your day or what is one of your daily rituals? Surprising people! People get so caught up in day to day life, it’s awesome to show them something new about their community or to maybe make them see things a bit differently.

9. Tell us something people might be surprised to learn about you. I wasn’t published in October of 2007 as Vanessa and Krista didn’t think they could publish both the Fernie Winter Fix and the monthly issue. They heard so many complaints that when time came to publish the Fernie Summer Fix they didn’t even consider not publishing a monthly issue.

Quote to live by: Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.