February 2024 Editor's Fix

February is synonymous with love… whether we love it or we love to hate it, Valentine’s Day is right there. In the middle of the month, and it’s difficult to ignore. (If you’ve been anywhere near a grocery store since New Year’s, you know what I mean.) 

When I was little, my mom made this day really memorable for us. She has this way of not doing much but making you feel loved and special. But I also remember the dread of going to school… would I get many Valentine’s? I was both surprised and grateful to find a class list sent home for Valentine’s cards when my kids started school. 

As a mom, and let’s be honest, as a woman I have always used these kinds of ‘holidays’ as an extra opportunity to show love and appreciation for the people in my life. Recently, though something has changed… shining a little light on a part of me I don’t like to acknowledge.  

A part of me that is extremely hard on me.  

So, this year, I am taking this opportunity to show myself a little self-love and compassion! I’m not quite sure what it’s going to look like yet, but I’m excited, ready and am taking tips and suggestions.

While Valentine’s Day has become quite commercial, there are many meaningful ways to spend this day, and all days, with those we cherish most… including ourselves! 

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