February 2019 Editor's Fix

Let’s all stop what we are doing, step outside (if not already there) and look around. Take a deep breath, inhaling the magnificent fresh air this mountain town provides. Relish in where we are, and count our blessings. We are here, in Fernie. Five minutes from solitude in any direction. From a trailhead, a river bend, a chairlift, the beginning of today’s adventure. What is that feeling in our bellies? A whole lot of gratitude mixed with the excitement of  “anything is possible?” I thought so!

Vanessa and I fall into the large category of people who wanted to be here, so created jobs to ensure we could. Like most anyone, we often take this for granted and can grumble and become ornery when work is busy on a powder day or demands our time at night and over the weekend. But the positive far outweighs any negative and oh so quickly those moments of self pity are left far behind as we feel the fresh snow hit our faces, reach the apex of a mountain, or pedal our way deep into a forest. Fernie life and play are so intertwined… it’s a significant part of our community, our culture. It’s why we came here, why people visit, and why people come back to stay. It’s even present through our work.

As a writer and editor, these playful excursions not only provide a mental break and recharge, they also offer inspiration. I have left the computer behind in search of creative ideas while out on the trails, only to return empowered and excited about the new columns or articles that transpired in the process. And I know I can say the same is true with Vanessa, both through her design and artistic creations.

Honestly, until recently I was not as aware or in the moment in regards to this magical time spent in our expansive backyard - it was just something on my ‘to do’ list that I know I enjoyed and was good for me. Having two children has reignited the playful spark in me, and has also allowed me to see how often my ‘work’ reflects the activities I participate in. That this time I carve out to play not only makes me better at my job, but also as a mom, a partner, a friend and as a community member.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get out there and find ways to connect these activities with our every day life… with our families, our peers, our work… and if you’re like me and need a little alone time, to time spent in solitude.