Favourite Colours

My wife and I have similar values and different personalities. When I found out the theme for this month was Admiration, I knew I wanted to write about her. Yes, we have similar values; we both enjoy the outdoors and family is paramount to both of us. These similarities make us work well together, and our differences keep our lives interesting.

My wife has a zest for life. While I often default to being practical, she is amazing at saying a loud YES to adventure. I think our personalities are summed up by our favourite colours: hers is a bright and fun aquamarine turquoise ... and mine is brown. She makes the most of events like birthdays, holidays, and even big sporting events. If people were punctuation marks, she would be an exclamation point. Sometimes she is so busy accomplishing things that she fails to see just how much she accomplishes. She loves to travel and to try new things, whether it be a new hobby or a new food. She fills each day. I know we all have twenty-four hours in each of our days, but she fits more life into those hours than most people. My own life is fuller because I often join her on her adventures. Sometimes, I even say yes to more adventures of my own because of the inspiration she provides.

She is an amazing friend. She really is my best friend, but she is also the person who keeps so many other great friends in my life. I think of friendship as a spectrum, where we need to choose between quantity and quality. She achieves both. We have a lot of amazing people in our lives and I know it is because of the time and effort and care she puts into friendships. Again, I get to reap the benefits. When we travelled across Canada, I was amazed at how many good friends we met up with along the way. One of those great people lived in Fernie and we stopped to visit her and her husband (another great person). That visit was ten years ago, and we still live here, making Fernie home for us, and now for both of our kids.

One of the coolest experiences of my life has been watching my partner become a mother. She is a master. I watch her reflect on her choices (and sometimes get overwhelmed). I watch her be so giving and forgiving. I watch her work hard to be a good role model and to still work at having a life of her own. I know she sets the bar high for herself, and I know she suffers from “mama-guilt” sometimes. I sometimes wish she would take it easier on herself, but I also know that I could not imagine or dream of a better mother for our kids.

Our lives are not perfect. Sometimes, mama-guilt takes over; sometimes, I want quiet time when she wants adventure. But I know that we are great together. I admire her. Our differences enhance my life. I have more life in my days, I am surrounded by wonderful people, and I am inspired to be a great husband and a great dad.

To my wife - may you have a wonderful February, and I hope you enjoy our life together as much as I do - from your not-so-secret-admirer.