Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop

The Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop Society is proud to be hosting our annual event again this year. The full-day workshop returns October 28, 2023, with a theme that speaks to the diversity of the winter backcountry landscape: Carving a Path Together: Strengthening Avalanche Safety Across the Community.

Drawing together an audience of 250 to 300 participants from various winter user groups including skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, and snowshoers, the Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop is an essential event for those who venture into the backcountry. Our event welcomes all experience levels, from seasoned professionals to individuals looking to take their first steps into the backcountry.

The workshop offers a platform for open dialogue and learning, creating a space where industry professionals and outdoor enthusiasts can share experiences and knowledge. Through engaging presentations, participants will explore various topics, including decision-making in a wicked learning environment, the complexities of transceiver interference, and real-life case studies.

To highlight the commitment to learning from experience, an exceptional group of individuals will share their stories through a panel discussion. By listening to firsthand accounts, participants gain a deeper understanding of the factors associated with avalanche incidents and allow them to explore their safety systems and daily processes and identify opportunities to improve.

The Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop was established in 2018 by a grassroots group that wanted to build enthusiasm for the International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW). This workshop is modeled off similar events popular in mountainous areas in the United States. It was evident with the success of the 2018 workshop that the Canadian South Rockies needed a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences related to avalanche safety.

What began as an event has flourished into a foundation of the community’s commitment to avalanche safety. As winter enthusiasts gear up for another season of backcountry adventures, the Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop stands as a reminder that while the pull of untouched powder is strong, it’s our responsibility to prioritize safety. By sharing knowledge, experiences, and innovations, the workshop carves a path towards a future where avalanche incidents are minimized, and everyone is recreating safely in the backcountry.

Join us as we gather on October 28, 2023. Tickets can be purchased from our website evsaw.com and you can follow us on social for updates on presenters, activities, and sponsor profiles. Instagram – elkvalleysaw, Facebook – ElkValleySAW.