Editor's Fix July 2021

I went to the University of Victoria. It attracted me for many reasons. It was far from home, but familiar enough as we had travelled there as a family. Only two members of our FSS grad class were going, and I craved not only distance but change. And it was always warm and sunny! Wasn’t it?

In my second year, Victoria broke its record for the most overcast days in a row and it was in the 90s… like, over 90 days straight of gloomy clouds above. It typically didn’t even rain, they just hung there, weighted and casting a dismal heaviness and grey hue to all below.

Until one February day, the sun shined brilliantly in the sky and the change was immediate… everything radiated energy and light and there was an excitement in the air. What I always remember is how it wasn’t until that moment, when the first ray of sunshine met my face, that I realized just how that stretch of overcast impacted me.

By the time the July Fix hits the stands we will hopefully be in Stage 3 of BC’s Reopening Plan. The sun is shining after a time of fear and uncertainty. And while there is so much we have learned and discovered, there is still so much more to be found. It’s not a return to normal, because what even is normal? Do we want to go back there? What about instead we forge ahead and be brave, curious, open and honest! Discover new and better ways to be as individuals, families, friends, businesses, organizations and governments. It has been an extremely challenging and in many ways devastating time, and the best way to honour that is to learn from it and make change.

We hope this issue shines a little light on you and inspires you to discover something new!