Editor's Fix April 2021

Two years ago, during my first year on the board with the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), we received a presentation on Climate Change Impacts and Implications. It was shocking and devastating and I 
left questioning my choice to have had children. What kind of mess are they going to be left with? I felt hopeless. 

In 2020, Basin residents were loud and clear that climate was of extreme importance. In response, the CBT made it a key priority and created the Climate Resilience Committee. I feel grateful to sit on this committee, and while things still feel very dire, seeing the demand and genuine concern from this region and being a part of a team dedicated to making change lightens the load. 

We know we’re in this together, and that a lot of people making small changes can result in significant positive impacts. 

Every year, I learn so much through putting the Green Issue together and am in awe and inspired by the knowledge and power and impact one person can make. Take for example the members of the Community Energy Association team, who wrote our Special Feature this month and share positive actions already happening in our communities. Or, feature resident Madi Bragg who hopes her new business results in more lawns becoming gardens. 

If not now, when? We’re at a turning point, having gone through an entire year outside of our comfort zones. What a fantastic opportunity to keep pushing those boundaries and making some impactful, green changes. 

We hope this issue inspires and supports these changes, and that knowing we’re in this together lightens the load for you as well.