EBYF Launches Community Initiative to Support Legacy Fund

Photo: Outdoor Connections Youth Leadership Camp: Canoe Safety

February 12, 2021: The Emily Brydon Youth Foundations launches six-week Community Initiative to raise funds for its Million $ Legacy Fund.

The Emily Brydon Youth Foundation provides financial support to youth of the Elk Valley so they can pursue their passions in sports, education and the arts. EBYF believes that every child deserves the chance to pursue their dreams through opportunity, enablement and empowerment.

‘After a very successful fundraiser in December, we are turning our attention to the EBYF Million$ Legacy Campaign which is really focused on the future and ensuring that we can meet the needs in the valley each year, in perpetuity,” founder Emily Brydon said.

The Million$ Campaign was launched in 2018 with the goal to raise 1 million dollars in 5 years, going directly to the EBYF endowment fund which in turn guarantees an annual revenue stream to the foundation of more than $50k. This guaranteed income not only relieves some of the annual fundraising pressures, but it ensures longevity and sustainability of the foundation.

‘We plan on staying around and helping youth in the Elk Valley forever,” Brydon added. ‘To date we have committed funds of over $620k towards our goal – amazing progress but we have a way to go and need your help.’

This year EBYF is running a six-week campaign focused on raising money for the EBYF endowment fund – 2021 EBYF Legacy Fund Community Initiative

To donate to the campaign:

DONATE HERE (charitable tax receipt will be issued).

All funds raised in the next six weeks will go to the campaign. You can all make
cheques payable to:

Emily Brydon Youth Foundation
Box 1892
Fernie BC
V0B 1M0

‘The EBYF has grown into a fundamental part of the Elk Valley community over the lasts 14 years. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the youth in the Elk Valley through sports, education and the Arts. We are creating a legacy for future. generations so there are no dreams left unanswered or opportunity forgone – empowering youth along the way.’