District of Sparwood and Teck Celebrate Grand Opening of Sparwood Centennial Plaza

On Friday, the District of Sparwood hosted the grand opening of the revitalized Sparwood Centennial Plaza with a community celebration that brought residents and visitors together in the new outdoor space for the first time. The revitalization project was funded through grants and donations, including $1 million from Teck, who also supported hosting for the event. The Plaza was designed with usability in mind, greenspace, seating, planters and an outdoor fire pit to allow the space to become a functional gathering area, which can be utilized for many community events and activities.

About the Centennial Plaza:

  • Lighting upgrades have been included to add ambiance allowing the space to be inviting, even during periods of lower light, such as the winter and evenings. 
  • Important historical elements of the space, such as the water spray gun and the memorial pillar, have been safely removed and will be incorporated in other locations within the community.  
  • The Plaza will be transformed over the summer as visible items such as the shade structure, fire pit, trees, shrubs and seating are put into place.