December 2019 Editor’s Fix

The holidays. A time of joy and peace and family and friends. Gratitude and love and all things good and beautiful.

Well, not always. Not for everyone.

For many people, this time of year is challenging. Whether it’s deeply rooted with memories and experiences from childhood or is freshly cut from a recent loss or hurdle in life, facing family and friends, attending gatherings, completing ‘to do’ lists… these all might seem pointless, full of emotion, insurmountable and quite honestly the last things they want to do.

So, what can we do? Practice generosity of spirit. Compassion. Empathy.
Talk with your family and friends. Lead by example and share your feelings and emotions with your children. Ask the important questions - How is everyone feeling? Who is alone or struggling among us? What silent challenges are they facing, what have we missed, how can we help?

Let’s challenge ourselves this holiday season - by opening our arms, our homes, our community. Perhaps it will be just the thing someone didn’t even know they needed.