December 2017 Editor's Fix

The holidays and I go way back.

Growing up, it was the influx of family. The Finnish traditions on Christmas Eve my mom instilled in us. The slow and calm of Christmas Day and dinner in Nana’s tiny house with 30 people, many using TV trays. It spanned the Christmas Tree Hunt in early December to the promise of a New Year on January 1 (with the biggest holiday blues).

When I left for school, I was that person wearing a Santa hat while madly studying for exams. That person awaiting their exam schedule and calculating how many days before Christmas I would have home (because we all know those days are the most precious of the year, right?).

Then, there was a lull. A time when I couldn’t get many days off for the holidays.A time when many of our relatives couldn’t make it either. “Christmas” changed, and at first it was tough. It just didn’t feel the same. But it slowly began to feel beautiful and personal. Quiet moments, with my sisters and parents.Often my Nana. Sitting in our sunroom late into the night, talking and laughing, reminiscing and drinking wine. Those nights are etched into my very being.

Like all things, change is inevitable. And thus, the holidays evolved again… with the addition of children. It’s become exciting and a different kind of magic carries us. What is interesting is it brings back those original memories, and it’s as though we’ve come full circle.

This time of year, we often spend a lot of time ruminating… on change, those we’ve lost, chances not taken. But it’s also a time of hope. A time of giving, a time of love. We feel more connected and in the moment, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to find ways to uplift one another and feel uplifted in return. Each Christmas, I spend a little time remembering all those that came before. I find ways to give back to my community or to those in need. And then, I work hard to be in the moment, enjoying what is happening right here, right now. As it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

This holiday season I wish you very Happy Holidays, wherever you are, whoever you’re with. Let’s keep this moving into 2018 and forget the holiday blues. Love, gratitude, and giving can be with us, all year round.