December 2011 - Editor's Fix

December, 2006 Issue 1
It may seem that this publication has arrived out of thin air. You may be reading this magazine for the first time and thinking, “When did this happen?” Or perhaps you heard bits and bytes through various sources in town but thought it impossible to be accomplished in such a short period of time.

I am here to tell you this did not happen overnight. My accomplices and I have come together with a similar vision. A vision that we have all held separately and unknowingly up until certain circumstances brought us together. Once a bond was formed, the creation began and is still continuing today. The Fernie Fix has just been given life and will only become bolder and wiser with age.

Our goal is to present locals and visitors with current and accurate information on all that is occurring in Fernie and we encourage you to become integral to this progression. Write a letter to the editor. Send feedback to the publisher. Sign up for the Fernie e-Fix. And of course there is always advertising. However you become involved with this product is up to you. We appreciate all of the support the community has given us thus far and look forward to bringing you each and every Fernie Fix.

- - - -

Have you ever gone back to your high school yearbook and read the quote you supplied for your graduation picture? With bated breath you skim through the few sentences, praying that it contains some semblance of the person you have become. That it indeed rings true even today. I let out a rather large sigh of relief when I saw that our vision and intentions remain the same as they did on a late November evening in 2006 when we were putting the finishing touches on our first edition of the Fernie Fix.

As I continued to go through the months and years in preparation for this anniversary edition, I noticed the evolvement in both content and design. The calibre and abundance of the photographers and columnists. The variety of active individuals and group members. The overall vibrancy of our community. This process made me very proud to be from Fernie, and very grateful for the opportunity the Fix has provided.

We look forward to becoming even bolder and wiser, not just as a community magazine but also as a community on the whole, and to continuing this journey with you.

Happy holidays to you and your family.