The Comfort of Hospice

“The end of life deserves as much beauty, care, and respect as the beginning.”
~ Anonymous

Elk Valley Hospice is a team of dedicated and trained volunteers alongside a managing board of directors, all dedicated to providing free comfort, care and dignity to end-of-life patients and their families. We are also a trained group of confidential Bereavement Companions for those who would like support while grieving a loss of a loved one.

Believing that death is a natural part of life, Elk Valley Hospice’s team provides confidential, non-judgmental support, caregiver respite, advanced care planning, bereavement companioning, as well as education and awareness of death and dying.

Many people fear dying in pain and want a peaceful death. This is quite achievable with the medical resources available, but many people don’t access palliative care or hospice until the last days of 
life, if at all. Elk Valley Hospice does not provide medical care, but works closely with Interior Health, Palliative Care, and Caregiver Support so they can assist you in living, not just the actual dying process. If you are not sure what to do or are looking for more information and support, we encourage you to call or email us, or to talk to your doctor.

Although we do have a dedicated hospice room at the Elk Valley Hospital, our volunteers will visit wherever needed. From Elkford to Baynes Lake, in care homes, or your own homes, we are just a phone call away. A referral isn’t necessary, but often the amazing Elk Valley medical care teams will refer patients or suggest hospice to families. Registration forms can be found on our website and can be submitted by individuals, family members, caregivers, friends or neighbours. But remember, if you are in doubt, our coordinators are just a call or email away and here to provide comfort, care and support for you and your family during one of life’s most difficult and inevitable challenges.

We welcome your call. 
250-423-4453, ext 309

Be part of their amazing team by joining the Elk Valley Hospice Society and/or by volunteering. The next Hospice Training Course is Campanioning the Dying, October 14-16 at the College of the Rockies for $35. This is a new course that will help prepare you for personal life events or for Hospice work.  250-423-4691,,