A Class Project to Reduce Plastic

Ms. Shully's Grade 3/4 Class, at Isabella Dicken Elementary School, has been working hard for the past few months hand-sewing reusable produce bags to sell to community members. Their goal is to reduce plastic waste one plastic bag at a time, starting with produce bags at the grocery store. They have been extremely passionate and dedicated through the whole process showing that they care for our environment and want to make a difference.

We went to visit the class and asked them a few questions about this exciting project.

How did you come up with the idea for the project?
We heard a story on CBC that our plastic does not always get recycled properly.So we brainstormed ideas on how we could use less plastic in the grocery store in order to reduce our plastic usage.

What has been the most surprising part of this process?
How relaxing sewing is. - Nova

That I actually like sewing! - Kaden

That we are able to help with recycling and the environment.- Marley and Kennedy

That we were actually able to follow through with our idea and not just talk about it. - Brett

What do you hope the outcome is in our community?
We hope that people use our reusable bags instead of plastic single-use bags at the grocery store. - Winter

We hope that people agree and help us make a difference. - Slone

I hope that people will use less plastic. - Niamh

Why are you worried about plastic?
Because people are hurting our planet. - Niamh

We are worried about plastic because we don't want the Pacific Garbage patch to get any bigger and we don't want animals or people to get hurt. - Ben and Kennedy

I'm worried about the ocean because a lot of plastic ends up there. - Lenny

If you could have one wish for your future in regards to the environment, what would it be?
For the whole earth to be clean and healthy. - Lauren

I wish that when I'm an adult and I take a swim, the sea animals will be safe and there is no such thing as the Pacific Garbage Patch. - Winter

I wish that when I go for a walk or take a swim that all of the streets and water is clear. - Charley

Can you also include the details on where and when the bags can be purchased?
On April 18, from 6-8 pm, at the Spring Fling dance at IDES.Each bag will cost $2. The money will go towards buying fabric to make new bags OR to an environmental charity decided on by the class.