CBT Supports 16 Projects to Boost Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Photo: The Fairmont and District Lions Club is constructing two pickleball courts with support from the Trust.

Being active in the great outdoors is one of the pleasures of living in the Columbia Basin. Now, 16 projects including funding from the CBT to construct a covered area over Fernie's new skatepark to allow for extended-season use, will provide even more ways to stay fit and enjoy the fresh air, supported by Columbia Basin Trust.

“A healthy person is the foundation for a healthy community, which in turn contributes to a healthy region,” said Justine Cohen, Manager, Delivery of Benefits, Columbia Basin Trust. “Creating and improving outdoor recreational assets for all ages, all abilities and a range of interests broadly improves well-being, which is a priority of people in the Columbia Basin.”

Spaces like bike parks, multi-use sports courts and community playgrounds are receiving a total of more than $1 million. To view the list, click here.

Here are a few of the recipients:

Pickleball for all
The Fairmont and District Lions Club is constructing two pickleball courts in Fairmont Lions Wilder Park. These will be able to host casual or organized matches, practices and competitions. Experienced players will have a place to play and new players will be exposed to the game’s benefits in a fun and friendly environment.

“Pickleball is a highly social game played by all age groups, from youth to seniors, plus is easy to learn, enhances quickness of mind and builds faster reflexes,” said Norbert Schab, Treasurer. “The value is found in the exercise and social experience—both extremely important to maintaining healthy and vibrant communities.”

A playground by the pavilion
The Fauquier Community Club is building a children’s play structure for all ages and abilities. This will be located near the pavilion that it constructed with Trust support earlier in 2022, giving children a place to have fun and move outdoors while making the pavilion even more attractive to families.

“The structure will enhance the physical, mental and social development of children, who will gain an outdoor activity within their own community,” said Chris Sikora, Director. “It also complements the pavilion, as their proximity means that parents can enjoy social events and gatherings while easily monitoring their children.”

More amenities for a park
The Village of Silverton is enhancing the playground in Dewis Memorial Park. This includes installing two sets of shade sails to provide shelter, two water fountains to keep users hydrated, a fun new slide and bike racks.

“The safety and welfare of our youth is very important to Silverton residents,” said Viv Thoss, Chief Administrative Officer. “A healthy, vibrant and active community is a pillar of the community, and this project makes the park an even more welcome destination for both young people and adults.”

To learn more about how the Trust supports community well-being, visit ourtrust.org/community.

Columbia Basin Trust supports the ideas and efforts of the people in the Columbia Basin. To learn more about the Trust’s programs and initiatives, and how it helps deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to the Basin, visit ourtrust.org or call 1.800.505.8998.