August 2019 Editor's Fix

Last month, my daughter was asked if she would like to participate in the Arts Station’s first “Paint Battle.” After learning more about it, I asked her what she thought. “I get to paint while listening to music? Yes! I’m going to paint the mountains!” Okay, then. We had a month to go and typically, with other types of events or plans it’s been best to avoid mentioning it a lot beforehand, so we stuck with this (learned) strategy.

The day arrived, and I calmly mentioned the Paint Battle and asked if she had an idea of what she wanted to paint. “Yes, mom. I already told you. I know what I’m doing.” (She’s six.) We arrived at the event, and at every easel sat an Elk Valley kid getting their paint ready. The age varied, from six to 12. To our surprise, our daughter looked calm and confident. When the music started, and they were told they had half an hour to paint, off she went. She knew just what she wanted to create, and it was beautiful to watch as she executed her plan, so in her element.

My daughter likes to ski and bike and enjoys hiking. But she loves to create, play on her own, make-believe. She is a dreamer. I absolutely love that this town, with such a strong mountain culture, also values and represents these elements that are so naturally a part of her… and a part of us all. Fernie is continually evolving, offering such a range of activities and events that provide an opportunity for both the adrenaline and outdoor enthusiast, and the art and music lover. It creates balance, yin and yang. And in truth, it creates a special vibe that seems pretty unique to Fernie.

When the thirty minutes were up, she had already stepped away from her painting and joined us on the stage. The happiness and confidence radiated from her, it was infectious and pure gold. The kind of feeling you hope your kids have a lot in life. The kind of feeling you have when you’re completely immersed in something you love.