August 2018 Editor's Fix

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. ~ Plato

I think Plato and I would have gotten along. I mean, we just seem to see things the same way. Especially when it comes to music.

After leaving the lake this weekend, my girls and I cruise home listening to the Beatles. I can see their little sun bleached blonde heads in the rearview mirror, bopping along to the beat. Hear their sweet voices singing what they believe to be the right lyrics to “All My Loving.” We seem to giggle at the same times, sharing in this moment that is pure magic. And because of music, we have these moments regularly.

Yesterday, my eldest created a song and held a concert on stage at the cabin.

The day before, we had an impromptu dance session while making dinner.

We all have our own playlists, a current favourite song, a first song we loved, a song that makes us want to get up and move, a song that takes our breath away.

Each week, we hit the Wednesday Concert Series. When Shred Kelly is in town, it’s a priority and our girls idolize Sage like none other. “When’s Wapiti?” is a question we answer often.

Music connects us. It can turn a mood on its head. It can hold a memory and bring us back in time within an instant. It can help us to process emotions, energizes and helps us empathise.

The beauty of it is that it goes far beyond our family. It bridges generations, communities, countries, ethnicities, interests… it has existed in every known culture including the most isolated groups because as Plato so eloquently put it, it brings life to everything.

We are grateful every day for music. And this issue is here to celebrate all that it brings to each of us individually, and to all of us as a whole.

Wapiti and Shred Kelly? Those blondies’ minds are about to be blown, we’ll see you there.