August 2017 Editor's Fix

Let silence take you to the core of life. ~ Rumi

I’ve often been asked how I find time for biking. It catches me off guard, and usually I don’t answer the question very well… feeling like I have to justify it somehow. Sitting down to this edition, the answer is so apparent to me. I don’t find time, I make time. Because my soul yearns for it. The time to myself, deep into nature, far from all things busy and loud and demanding. Time to feel connected. To feel alive.

It’s so interesting to me, that it takes disconnecting to reconnect. Cutting oneself off from everything, less you and your natural environment, and feeling the core of life.And as our lives become busier, and the use of technology increases, it becomes fundamental. It becomes a basic need.

As this summer approached, I anticipated it being a bit chaotic. We are building a home for our family. We have a lot of visitors headed our way. We have multiple summer camps and activities lined up for our wee ones. We have full time jobs. In an effort to enjoy our favourite time in Fernie, we sat down and decided how we could still be present this summer. What was important to us? We each have our own personal escapes, but as a family we also need to disconnect to reconnect. So we decided to set up our tent trailer, and spend as many weekends at the lake as possible. What we have noticed after just a few weekends, is how it so positively has affected our girls. There is no TV, no hand held devices, no phones. Instead, sand and water and swimming and time. The time! It feels like there is so much of it out there.

While his summer has been different, it has been a great reminder of the importance of finding that silence. In whatever form it means to you. Perhaps you want to live off grid like our feature residents Rebecca and Jeremy, or dive into art to offset a fast competitive lifestyle like Tyra. Maybe it’s journaling that will stir your soul, much like Adam. Or ditching the cellphone and being in the moment, like Shelby. Or maybe, it’s a bike ride that takes you deep into the woods. Take time for you. For your family. And reconnect with the core of life.