August 2016 Editor's Fix

IN MY TEENS, I LOVED SEINFELD. It took a very close second to my most favourite TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. I suppose with all that Sci Fi intensity, I needed a “show about nothing.”

I find myself continually referencing Seinfeld even now. I cannot have nachos without saying, “People like to say salsa. Do you have any salsa? Where is the salsa?” Leading up to Christmas, it’s all about Festivus for the Rest of Us! But probably my most-used phrase is “Serenity now. SERENITY NOW!” It’s fantastic at giving chaotic situations a little humour.

Months ago when I chose August’s theme, Serenity, I didn’t anticipate it resonating with me so strongly at this time. Somehow, every aspect of my life has come to a pinnacle this summer. Regardless of extensive efforts to spread all of these goals, responsibilities and deadlines over a longer period of time, the universe decided… nope, it is time for Krista to learn. It is time for Krista to embrace less. It’s time for Krista to be present.

Hi, my name is Krista and I am an over committer. I’ve been doing it since as long as I can remember, and it’s catching up to me. I think a lot of it has to do with being a parent… it’s as though you are suddenly divided into two parts. One for your children and the other for everything else. That’s a whole lot to fit into one half of a life, but somehow I managed to keep all of my “things” and squish them in there. 

Lately, I’ve really begun to notice the tight squeeze. All of my things are jammed right up against one another, spilling over and mixing together. They are less defined and clear, almost blurry as I clumsily make my way through them. Some are pushed so far down, they are nearly forgotten until I awake in a cold sweat at night. 

Serenity now. SERNITY NOW!

Yes, Universe. Message received, it’s time to slow the pace a little. Breathe in the last of the new baby scent. Look up for that breath-taking view on a bike ride. Listen, like really listen, to good music. Catch the gals dancing like nobody is watching. And sit back to enjoy a hot-off-the-press copy of the Fernie Fix, amazed to see how it has all come together once again.

I wrote this opening before I pieced together the magazine, at which time I discovered two writers also mentioned this same episode of Seinfeld.  See if you can locate the columns!