April 2023 Editor’s Fix

There is just something about the month of April. Maybe it’s the feeling that spring has actually arrived. Perhaps it’s that we get to celebrate the end of our winter season with events like Hot Dog Day and Fernival. Or, I could cherish this month so much because it typically means my gravel bike has hit the roads. But more likely, it’s because I am an April (and also an Easter) baby. 

More recently, this month also has significance for me because it begins with the anniversary of one of my favourite humans’ passing, and exactly four weeks later (two weeks later than anticipated) welcoming our youngest daughter…. my Maria. How can eight years feel so long, yet I can remember and feel those four weeks so intensely? I think because I was literally at the center of the circle of life.

April is our annual Green Issue, and yes… I have cried with intensity during climate action committee meetings and wondered, why did we choose to have kids? Let me tell you, it has been the absolute greatest gift. They have made me learn and change and fight for their futures. At times, it feels hopeless. But then you hear Terry Nelson speak about his passion for Big Trees. You interview Robyn Peel and are completely in awe of her power and ability to support the important non-profits in our community making big change. And it fuels the spark, and you believe again and continue the good work… because yes, we are all going to die but our energy will forever be a part of this cycle, so why not go out doing as much as we can to help one another and this beautiful place we get to live? 

Together, we have got this.