April 2019 Editor's Fix

“Mom, we can’t go shopping. We forgot the bags!” I hear as I pull into the Save On parking lot. Frustrated as I am tight for time, I take a deep breath and drive back onto 2nd Ave. “You’re right, let’s go grab them.”

We cruise along, and I catch a glimpse of her happy face as she sings, “it’s tricky to rock a rhyme” (her current fave) and I am in awe. This little five-year-old has an awareness for the environment that took me nearly thirty years to gain. Paper straws and hydro flasks. Sorting recycling and colouring on both sides of paper. A love for trees and clean water. An annoyance with plastic. “Why did they make it, anyway?”

She keeps us in line, not only by reminding us when we are lazy or forgetful but by her mere existence. She inherits what we leave behind, as do her children if she so chooses. It makes us work harder to be and do better, to understand and arm ourselves with knowledge, to protect where we live and what we love, to voice our concerns in confidence.

Our eyes catch in the rearview mirror as we sing “to rock a rhyme that’s right on time,” and my heart almost bursts. I know I’m doing my part to keep that smile on that wee, special face. And it’s so so worth it, even if it can be a bit tricky.