17 in ’17

They say that March roars in like a lion, but goes out like a lamb. The lion worked extra hard this year. But with the melting snow spring, and even thoughts of summer, are creeping in. I’ve been thinking about how to make the most of spring and summer, about the things I want to accomplish. My list is not extraordinary, just a list of things that I look forward to accomplishing before winter returns. So, here is my spring/summer list of 17 in ’17.

A night out in a tent with my four-year old. Just the two of us. Maybe we’ll be in the bush, maybe a campground, maybe even the backyard, but I will make this happen this summer. We bought a camper a few years ago and we love it (her name is Jolene). But I do miss tenting.

An overnight family camping trip in the backcountry. With young kids, we have been doing more car-camping. Car-camping is convenient and has its advantages, but I want to experience a more back-to-basics trip this summer too.

We have a beautiful canoe that we got out several times last summer. I want to continue that this summer. I can canoe a canoe, can you?

Slackline. Slacklining has been a humbling pursuit for me. I spent quite a few hours at it last year, and still felt like a beginner. I look forward to improving more this summer.

Road hockey and/or outdoor basketball. I keep threatening to make these happen. This is the year.

My wife’s pita pizzas cooked over a campfire. Mmmmm… best meal ever.

Outdoor live music. Wednesday Concert Series, Sunday Socials, festivals, Wapiti, and lots more. Ahhh, summer. Live outdoor music is hard to beat.

BBQ lots. ’Nuff said.

A solo overnight camping trip. Having amazing friends and family, I sometimes procrastinate “me time.” And what better way than an overnight alone in the woods?

Yard games. I’m hooked; I love the yard games.

Camping at Mount Fernie Provincial Park. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful this area is.

Curry Bowl rooftop patio. How have I not done this yet?

A post-ride drink at FBC. Another summer must.

Bike to Island Lake Lodge and enjoy a meal and beverage. The Lazy Lizard Trail is about my skill level, and what better motivation than a cold drink and stunning views?

Fisher Peak. This item is probably my most adventurous and challenging, and I’ll have to wait a couple of months yet, but this mountain has called me for ten years now. This is the summer I answer.

Spikeball. I’m looking forward to trying this relatively new game on the sand. I’ve tried it indoors and enjoyed it, but it is really meant to be played outside.

I love identifying plants. Trees, wildflowers, shrubs, I love them all. I enjoy birding too, but the plants are much easier to chase. I want to learn some more plant names this year. With March’s lamb and lion done for the year, I am reminded of the expression, “April showers bring May flowers,” and I look forward to learning some of those flower names.

So there you have it. 17 in ’17. I’ll see you on the trails and the patios. I’ll be the one with the plant identification book in my hand.