Why is Social Media Important for your Business?

When I have conversations with business owners about social media it always comes back to a few things – time, money, and resources.

Sending that tweet, writing that news release, updating the website… all seem to be tasks that can easily be pushed to the bottom of our to do list, but can often be relatively quick and painless tasks that can yield results for our businesses. So, as we enter the first quarter of 2018, I challenge you to think about these three things and start prioritizing your business’ social media.

1. Telling your story.
Nobody can tell your business story better than you can and there is no better place to tell it than through your social media channels. Your website is your home and your social media channels are the directions you give your visitors to get there. Social media allows you to connect with your potential customers and helps you to bring them home where you have complete control of the message. Social media accounts allow your customers to tell your story for you; positive experiences being shared are a no-brainer for your business, but when customers share negative experiences, being active on social media allows you to react, apologize, correct the record, and fix the problem. If you are not on social media, your story is being told for you whether you know it or not – isn’t it better to contribute to the conversation?

2. Being searchable.
Social media has quickly become the preferred way to find businesses, learn about services, and ask trusted sources for recommendations. I often remind businesses that when you aren’t online you are essentially allowing individuals to talk behind your back without a mechanism to engage in the conversation.

People are going to search for your product or service online – when you are on social media you allow yourself to be found, to be recommended, and to be top of mind for interested customers. 

3. Starting relationships. 
Our business strategies rely on quick conversions AND repeat customers. Repeat customers do not happen without building strong relationships. As a business owner myself I often think about how I can strengthen relationships and remain relatable while still staying on top of everything else.

Social media is a practical way to be part of the regular dialogue of your target market. Think of Facebook as your best friend’s birthday party. You are invited in, you build trust by showing photos, having conversations, and bonding over similar interests. Eventually one of those birthday party attendees asks for a recommendation for a realtor, a new pair of skis, or a place to stay – you’re at the party so you are able to chime in that you provide that service. Being present on social media gives you the opportunity to ensure you are at the top of mind.

My column over the next several months will provide you with practical tips and advice for ensuring your social media presence reflects the goals, personality, and story of your business. I look forward to helping Fernie business owners up their online game and to help you reach your goals for growth in 2018. Share your strategies with me at @CIPRComs by tagging #PRPower and #FernieSuccess.