SoleBeats Dance Studio

Everyday people are realizing laughter, joy, and happiness are fuel for better motivation and contentment. As children, imagination is key to make the most of 15 minute recess. Now with constant schedules to uphold, it can be more difficult to imagine and envision our dreams. Creativity and imagination are as important as exercise, diet, and meditation to a happy life.

When you are connected to joy and happiness, it spreads like wildfire to those around you. Which is the primary goal at SoleBeats - a sould connection through dance.

SoleBeats owner Cat believes that through dance and performance, anyone can achieve this connection, alleviate stress, and release emotions, while sharing with others and inspirinng creativity. Dancing and performing help you move through situations in life. Many of us have troube talking, thinking, or dealing with emotions. When you open up to creative expression, the benefits can be felt with moments. You have broken down your walls and a new world has formed. Confidence has been built, and that childlike fearlessness has been restored. Through these journeys we grow as individuals, and also help our family, friends, and communities grow.

Cat started dancing at the age of two years in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Starting with Ballet and quickly moving to Jazz and Tap, she gained an infinite love for dance, music, and performing. At fifteen she continued her dance education in Medicine Hat, Alberta where she met life-long friends, the Aadland family. After graduation she went to Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario for Theatre Arts, sharpening skills and making important friends and contacts. Upon returning to Medcine Hat in 2013, she was asked to teach at the Aadlands dance studio, Hit The Floor. Cat gained much inspiration from teaching "her girls," it also created opportunities including teaching at Summer Dance Camp in Thunder Bay, ON in 2015. Cat is excited to bring out the inner joy and happiness within the community of Fernie through dance and performance.

Get the full class schedule, sign up for classes online and check out the studio at 1561 10th Ave in Fernie.