September 2019 Business News

City of Fernie
501 3rd Ave

The City of Fernie is proud to support the mining industry by organising an event that provides opportunities for competitors to test their skills against industry standards and help train their members in safe and controlled environments. The National Mine Rescue Competition showcases the vast knowledge, training, commitment and professionalism that mining emergency response and rescue teams dedicate themselves to.

Teams from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, North West Territories, Nunavit, Alberta and Wyoming USA will compete in both Underground and Surface competitions on September 6 and 7.

The public is invited to show its support for mine rescue emergency response teams by coming to watch. The schedule of events can be found in the Fernie Free Press and on the City of Fernie web page,

Fernie Cardlock
1592 9th Ave
Located just off Highway 3, Fernie Cardlock offers all fuel types and pay at the pump service, 24 hours a day and accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Debit cards. No membership is required, everyone is welcome to enjoy their competitive pricing.

In May of 2015, owners Lila and Gary started offering a fundraising program for organisations in the Elk Valley. “The groups range from Fernie Pets to Avalanche Girls/Bomb Squad do the Elk Valley Dolphins Club. We donated close to $4000 in our first year, and it has increased every year - this year we are close to $7500 with a few months left,” says Lila.

The most recipient was the Fernie Trails alliance, and this September Fernie Cardlock is raising funds for the Lions Club. “We want to thank everyone who has participated in our program - it would not operate without you!” Visit for more details.

Mountain Life Pilates

Mountain Life Pilates is thrilled to announce that it is moving to a new location to accommodate its growth, sharing a space with Elk Valley Pilates at 1101-A 2nd Ave, starting September 1. 

Mountain Life Pilates will still be offering private physiotherapy-based sessions (covered by insurance), but is excited to now be able to offer specialised classes and small group sessions. Owner Kate Richardson is very excited to see the Pilates community grow in Fernie, with the addition of Elk Valley Pilates; together they hope to make pilates accessible and helpful for everyone, whatever your needs and experiences may be.


Robert Greczko, P. Eng., MBA, PMP is the owner and operator of Norsca Inc., an engineering and project management firm out of Calgary and Fernie. Rob admits he enjoys watching Home Improvement shows. 

“Whether it is a DIY project or you’re hiring a contractor, what gets found in ceilings and walls is always a mystery, leading to Change Orders. Change Orders can be costly and how changes get managed properly is from good planning. Remember – luck favours the prepared hence why it’s important to have experience in your corner.”

Here are his Top Five rules to keep costs down:

  1. Well written contracts and drawings.
  2. Knowing what you want before you start and sticking with it.
  3. Good soil (we don’t necessarily always have that luxury!)
  4. Good contractors – it’s worth the money.
  5. Knowing your limitations – if you have limited experience in construction, hire a Project Manager that will look out for your best interests!

Tara Higgins Studio
762 3rd Ave

Tara Higgins is excited to announce the opening of her new studio and gallery. Located behind Barkside on the alley side of 3rd Avenue, stop by to admire the latest paintings from Tara’s easel and hot out of the kiln pieces from Fernie potter Kerri Holmes. There is pottery for everyday service as well as larger, more sculptural pieces on display alongside Tara’s landscape paintings and studies, with the occasional wildlife portrait sneaking in. Tara is also using the space to work, and encourages people to pop in and watch the process. Come the fall, workshops will be held in both pottery and painting at the space.

Opening Hours are Thursday to Saturday 11am to 5pm and Sunday noon to 4pm.