The Pub Offering Take-Out - Perfect for a Picnic!

With milder spring weather in the forecast, why not make plans to do a take-out picnic with the Pub at Park Place Lodge!

During the new provincial restrictions the Pub will remain open daily from Noon to 8pm for patio dining (weather permitting) and take out.

Visit to view the Pub Take-Out menu and enjoy delicious menu items including: Starters + Snacks like Nachos, Wings and Poutine, Salads, Classics including the Clubhouse Sandwich and Quesadilla and the burgers with all the fixings. (Give the Brie & Bacon Jam Burger a try!)

Recently the Pub had a wonderful volunteer model for a photoshoot, Courtney, and this is what she had to say about her family picnic: My husband and I could actually enjoy our meal while the kids ran around and played. I didn’t have to chase them around a restaurant, yet we still got a meal cooked by someone else. And you know what that dishes, no clean up! Every parents dream dinner!

Check out the Pub's menu and call 250-423-6871 to place your order now!