Optimize Your Facebook Page

You started January with that BIG goal of ensuring your social media presence reflects your goals, personality, and tells the story of your business. Now think about one platform at a time as you simplify your big goal into a few manageable ones. This month, prioritize your Facebook Page.

Who should use Facebook? Everyone. Facebook has this incredible ability to reinvent itself and stay relevant. We complain after Facebook makes a change but we end up embracing it; today over 1.8 billion people are Facebook users.

Why Facebook for your business? Facebook users are a bit older; over 70% are adults, which means they can make consumer-driven decisions. This is a good thing for your business. Facebook tracks all sorts of data points related to users making it very simple for businesses to find their target audience – for example, did you know that there are just under 1,000 people in a ten-mile radius of Fernie that are interested in home improvements? Facebook just told me that. And finally, Facebook now owns Instagram. This social media giant is now acquiring other social platforms and integrating features, advertising, and management.

Facebook is not going away. Over two billion searches for people, businesses, and products are performed on Facebook each day. Make sure you show up when your target market is searching by optimizing your Page in these four ways:

1. Examine the Settings
In the main navigation bar of your Facebook Page Settings are on the top right. Make sure your settings reflect your target audiences, your goals, and your business. Add featured Pages to showcase your partners or other ventures, edit the Page so the template and tabs reflects the content you have and the business you run, and turn notifications on so that you know when your customers are trying to reach you (you keep the ringer on your phone on – think of this the same way). Make sure your Page is verified.

2. Perfect Profile Pics
Your profile picture should be a clean, colour, crisp company logo. It must be at least 180 pixels by 180 pixels (or you can use a larger size that is in a multiple of 180). Your cover photo should showcase your expertise or your product. Preferably this photo is dynamic and features people. You will want to make sure your photo looks sharp on mobile and desktop. Go to facebook.com/PageSizeDimensions for great sizing tips.

3. Post Regularly 
Facebook rewards Pages that post regularly by ranking them higher in search results and newsfeeds. Facebook identifies these Pages as active and relevant – Facebook wants its users to have the best experience so keep your posts fresh and up to date to be recognized. Content tells your story and helps you meet your goals.

4. Spend Money
Set aside a budget for Facebook Ads each month. You can do a lot for $25. Use it to grow your presence – and keep your product top of mind for your target audience. Remember those 1,000 people who are interested in home improvement? You can target them with an ad each month to remind them about your expertise – regular content and a verified Page helps keep you on the top of their mind and hopefully converts them to clients when they are ready.

I encourage you to start experimenting, posting, and building your Facebook audience. I look forward to seeing your Facebook posts pop up. Share your Facebook success with me at @CIPRComs by tagging #PRPower and #FernieSuccess.