November 2012 New Business

Ivengar Yoga
Challenging, yet deeply relaxing, Iyengar Yoga is steeped in history and tradition and taught around the world. This method, based on meditation in action develops strength, mobility and flexibility through alignment in the mind as well as the body.

Concentration and right-action are developed with focus on meticulous detail that customizes the practice for the individual at any level. The correct use of props enhances the ability to experience the full benefits of the postures while challenging the student in a carefully planned, progressive practice.

Only a teacher that has passed an internationally standardized assessment after studying for a minimum of three years in a recognized Iyengar Teacher Training Program may use the certification mark. Learning is key, as teachers are off the mat - adjusting, customizing, seeing and correcting to guide you safely in your practice.

Classes are offered weekly by Samantha Lloyd, Certified IJ II Iyengar Teacher at Living Truth Yoga Studio.

Mountain Ledger Bookkeeping Services, 250-423-3249
Mountain Ledger offers a variety of bookkeeping services for personal and household finances, as well as small and medium businesses. Owner/operator Katie Joyce has the education, experience and eye for detail to ensure accurate, timely and organized tracking and filing of all your finances.

Mountain Ledger knows how valuable time is. Not everyone has the time, energy or resources needed to ensure accurate, organized, up-to-date recordkeeping. Through a variety of bookkeeping services including payroll, HST, statement reconciliations, and accounts receivable/payable, Mountain Ledger will ensure you and your business are prepared for payments, due dates and tax season.

Mountain Ledger is committed to ensuring a happy, satisfied client by offering bookkeeping services completed with the utmost care and accuracy.

Contact Katie Joyce and Mountain Ledger for a free consultation.