New Business December 2019

Kelty Pelechytik Fine Jewellery

Kelty Pelechytik, long-obsessed with antique, excavated, and found objects, was initially interested in collecting old-world jewellery until she worked with local Fernie metalworker Bill Bell.

After studying stone setting in New York, Kelty moved out of the city and began investing in materials. Her jewellery is hand- and custom-made and is inspired by history as well as by traditional, artisanal methods. Kelty invests each piece with an appreciation for timeless, personal craft. Each of her items is created from the highest quality materials and uses only ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds and sapphires. Her intention is not to make a perfect object but rather one with personality which evokes feelings of a deep connection. Something special enough to wear daily that withstands time and yet subtly unusual that will be passed on for generations.

Kelty lives and works on a horse ranch with her five-year-old daughter, beloved pets and her amazing husband, writer, Paul.

LW Fitness

LW Fitness owner, Louise Wight, has a passion for health and fitness and offers a variety of group classes and personal training to help you reach your goals. Louise is a Stott Pilates Instructor, Beachbody Live Instructor and soon to be ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Classes are held in her home studio in downtown Fernie.

This month's class schedule includes Pilates (ideal for core strength, posture and toning the whole body) and PiYo (a fun, full-body workout inspired by yoga and Pilates). They are suitable for all levels and everyone is welcome!

For more information and class schedules contact Louise directly.