May Business News

Fernie Garden Centre 6283 Olivia Road, 250-423-3666
When Craig and Karen Nicolson sold their Manitoba based wholesale and retail greenhouse and garden centre, they had little idea of where to start fresh. After a few visits to their son Eric’s they realized Fernie was a place ripe with potential. They invested everything they had into a 4-acre parcel of land with a house and shop on Olivia Road, the north end of Fernie. The following spring, Fernie Garden Centre sprouted in the field next to the highway and Karen and Craig began, again, doing what they do best – growing bedding plants.

“It's hard to believe it has been ten years since we built the first two greenhouses and the retail store,” Karen says. Since then, with the help of Eric and various staff, two additional greenhouses, a full tree and shrub nursery, an extensive outdoor perennial section, bulk soil bins and a thriving landscape division have been added.

The Fernie Garden Centre supplies a major portion of all the beautiful planters and baskets around homes and businesses in Fernie and the towns of Sparwood and Elkford. Many of the great yards have been landscaped by their crew, from Fernie Golf Estates to Sparwood Heights, right up to Elkford.

Craig, Karen, Eric and the crew at Fernie Garden Centre are thrilled to be celebrating their tenth anniversary and want customers to know how much their support has meant to this family run business. They hope to see you all at their anniversary celebrations on May 15 and look forward to serving the valley for the next ten years.

Greenfir Technologies, 250- 423 -3229
Greenfir Technologies has been providing high-speed ADSL Internet to businesses throughout British Columbia and Alberta since they started offering a high-speed Internet solution. Their commitment includes developing a wide range of high-speed ADSL Internet packages with all the features and at the speeds businesses need. Their high-speed ADSL Internet packages start at a standard 1.5 Mbps and go up to 6.0 Mbps with options like static IP addresses, Anti-Virus, Spam Filtering and roaming dial-up service.

The latest thing in Greenfir's world of business Internet is Naked High-speed ADSL. With the new digital services utilizing the Internet and VoIP, businesses have begun to ask themselves why they need a land based telephone line, and that's where Naked High-speed ADSL comes in. You can now get any Naked High-speed ADSL Internet in all three of their ADSL packages with all the features, without the need for a telephone. This is the perfect solution for many business applications like redundant connections, stand alone operations and other variations.

Greenfir is committed to delivering a good product at a savings to its customers and are pleased to offer local sales and support. Rates start at $64.95/month for 3.0 Mbps and $154.95/month for 6.0 Mbps

Mountain Paradise Spa, 761 7th Ave. 250-423-7222
Mountain Paradise is a locally run spa in Fernie. They offer a full range of esthetic services including facials, manicures and pedicures, massage, waxing, brazilians, body wraps and much more! Summer 2010 they will be relocating next to Essential Yoga Studio on 7th Ave. Renovations will include space for herbal wraps, salt scrubs and a shower for your convenience. They are incredibly excited to open a beautiful spa for the residents and visitors of Fernie and are looking forward to chatting with you and booking your spa needs at Mountain Paradise Spa.