May 2018 New Business

The Fernie Community Fund

The Fernie Community Fund is busy growing and giving! Established in the fall of 2016 and administered by the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation, the Fernie Community Fund is very proud to hold over $135,000 in permanently invested funds. The annual interest from these funds returns to Fernie and surrounding area, including the South Country, every year, forever. Local volunteers make up the Fernie Community Fund Steering Committee, and they generously donate their time and energy to grow the fund and to facilitate the annual grants application process. The annual grants support local non-profits that are doing great things in the community. In 2017, with matching Canada 150 funds, the Fernie Community Fund granted a total of $5400. In 2018, the Fernie community Fund has $1635.41 available to grant, and in 2019 that number is expected grow to over $3000. For more information about the Fernie Community Fund, contact Lynnette Wray, CDCF Executive Director at 250-426-1119 or email

Mountain Life Pilates

Kate Richardson is excited to announce the opening of Mountain Life Pilates. A former Olympian, and registered physiotherapist, movement has always been an integral part of Kate’s life. Her combined experience led her to the Pilates method, which she hopes will complement the active lifestyle of other Fernie-ites as much as it has her own.

The Pilates method is a system of therapeutic exercises designed to balance the myofascial system, decompress joints, and increase circulation and vitality. Pilates uses full-bodied movements and specialized equipment to develop uniformity in the body.
Mountain Life Pilates offers one-on-one, equipment-based sessions tailored to your body’s unique needs - whether it is to help enhance recovery from injury, to improve your posture, or simply to connect to your body in a new and different way.

Visit her website for more information, or contact to book an appointment.