March New Business

Beanpod Chocolate Bar, 691A 2nd Ave 778-519-5008
Beanpod Chocolate Bar is now open in downtown Fernie! This long awaited store produces elegant handmade chocolate with their own Master Chocolatier. This chocolate is made from traceable cacao beans, directly imported from farmers. They also produce fresh 'Fernie Bars', truffles, bonbon and pralines. Along with specializing in chocolate, Beanpod also roasts coffee beans and serves fresh espresso based coffees and hot chocolate from a chocolate tap. Their cacao beans are from Ecuador, ethically sourced and sustainably grown, and are harvested by hand by Hugo and his teams of 35 farmers. Their organic Arabica Tipica and Caturra coffee beans are certified 'Strictly Highly Grown' at 2,000 metres above sea-level in the Imbabura Andean region of northern Ecuador where they mature slowly for an intense flavour and handpicked with ripe.

They have a specially imported 100 year old Italian machine, including a melangeur and conche, helping them to produce chocolate traditionally. Also, there are less than 20 chocolate makers in North America and only about 85 world wide! Lucky Fernie.