Local's Perspective: Lindsay Reynolds

Lindsay Reynolds
Three Sisters Day Spa

I was fortunate to take part in a Cosmetology Apprenticeship back in 2007. We briefly touched on Esthetics during this program and it immediately drew me in. After a quick trip to Toronto to meet an Aveda salon owner and talk shop, I was eager to train with Aveda and hooked on the idea of finding my own spot in this amazing industry.

I moved out west in the summer of 2008 and spent the next few years taking in the mountain lifestyle. I decided to move to Vancouver Island to complete my Esthetics certificate and graduated from the Aveda Institute Victoria in 2011 as a Certified Esthetician. I gained experience over the few years that followed before taking the next big step in opening Three Sisters Day Spa. And now here we are. We just celebrated our eighth year in business!

I have always loved working with people, and every day is a little bit different at the spa. New and existing clientele to see, a variety of treatments to offer and a truly amazing team of dedicated professionals to work with- it’s a great mix.

The health and wellness industry, specifically the “beauty” industry side of things is ever-changing, evolving and growing fast. Skin and body care have become very inclusive and appealing to everyone across the gender spectrum. Our industry has become a very sought-after career route as well. It is rewarding, fulfilling and keeps you on your toes! 

I hope to see this sector continue to bloom and to welcome everyone and anyone to wind down, take some time for themselves and schedule some “me time.” And for those who are interested in becoming a part of health and wellness, there is a niche for everyone.

Being able to work in Fernie and call it my home is a bit like a dream. Downtown Fernie before 9am is quite possibly my favourite time of day- everything is just starting to come alive for the day ahead. I can arrive to work in under five minutes, have some of the best conversations outside of the shop, and well… the views! Fernie really does look like a postcard.

Q. If I had to describe Fernie in one word, it would be…
A. Inviting

Q. The first thing I do on a powdery morning is…
A. Coffee and watch the snow fall. Take off for a walk or x-country ski when possible!

Q. Winter is a unique time in Fernie because…
A. There is something for everyone. For those who don’t take part in winter outdoors, you can still enjoy Fernie’s other amenities. Shops, restaurants, art, theatre… spa!

Q. What is one thing you recommend visitors try or do during their stay?
A. Enjoy the pace of life here. Walk downtown, take in your surroundings and just settle in.