Leave the Screens for the Sunshine

Winters in Fernie can be a blast but they can also be busy, long and draining – especially for business managers and owners. And no winter has been longer or seemingly darker than the one we just collectively endured. With the added strain of a second (then third) wave of the pandemic and the introduction of tougher restrictions that included not having people over to your household and limits to eating out – this past winter was challenging, stressful and lonely for a lot of us.

The pressure of this past winter manifests in different ways depending on what you do for a living. I am constantly in awe and take my hat off to the hundreds of frontline workers in our community who spent the last six months interacting with the public – politely reminding people to put on their mask or respect safety protocols at the workplace. I am sure that gets really old really quick. Personally, in my profession, I have never spent more time in front of computer screens than I have this winter. Zoom fatigue is very real and I can’t wait to meet people in person again!

As we enter another summer season and take stock of the last year, I think it is so important that we all give ourselves some time away from the service counter, the Zoom window, and the other stresses of running a business in a pandemic. There has been so much attention brought towards mental health in the workplace as this pandemic grinds on, and rightfully so. Running a small business is never easy – even in the most optimal conditions. Add to that the near perpetual fear and concern about the unknown and it becomes pretty exhausting.

So, let’s take advantage of the amazing weather and our gorgeous surroundings this summer. Encourage your work teams to do the same. Go for a walk, a hike, a run, a bike ride – or just sit in a floaty at the lake staring at the mountains! Whatever it looks like for you, use this summer to recharge those batteries and clear our collectively cluttered minds. Soak up some vitamin D! With vaccines rolling out and a light starting to appear at the end of the tunnel, better times are definitely coming – including greatly missed social interactions with our family and friends.