Learn It. Know It. Live It.

Oh September; everyone getting back into routine. Kids going back to school. I will hopefully get fewer “out of office” replies to every email I send. It is back to work time. As you are setting out your fall work schedule and making plans to build your business, perhaps it is time to put a little continuing education into your own schedule. There are many opportunities in Fernie to expand your business knowledge.

Take a look at the College of the Rockies Continuing Education programs. Want to brush up on customer service skills? Take the Ambassador Program. Need better computer skills? Take the Microsoft Excel, Word, or Power Point certificate programs. Still nervous about getting up in front of a group or leading a meeting? There are public speaking and presentation skill courses. This is just a small snippet of the courses available to help you build your business acumen.

Another great resource for business education is Small Business BC (a resource centre for knowledge-based business products and service, smallbusinessbc.ca). With flexible learning options, you can find a course suited to your schedule. Seminars coming up include Market Research for Your Business, Reach More Customers with Strategic SEO and SEM, Focused Business Planning, Earn More Business: Learn to Create Proposals, and The Art of Letting an Employee Go. 

The Chamber of Commerce is also providing education opportunities for growing your business. Knowing the staffing challenges in our community, we are hosting go2HR to talk about finding employees and recruitment tools. A course on the Business Canvas Model will be coming in November.

The business landscape is changing quickly. So is the education landscape. Classes can be taken in-person, via webinar, or distance online learning to name a few delivery methods. Still not convinced you want to be a student again? Here are three why nots:

  1. It is easier than ever to do so. No longer does going to school mean four or six years of post-secondary. Pick the topics you want and find an online course, a lecture, or a distance learning option. It may be a one-hour session or a multi-week course.
  2. Save time and make money. Taking a course on a topic you are always researching can save you time in the future. Commit to that two-hour seminar on staff recruitment. Next time you are writing a job posting it will be quicker and easier and you can get back to making sales.
  3. Diversity and ideas. Great new tools are making their way into the business world every day. Taking a course is one way to introduce these tools into your business. Before things become stagnant in your business, take a course, meet new people, and try new ideas. .

As the little ones head back to the classroom, and you are enjoying the quiet, think about what topics you would like to learn about. What skills would you like to expand on? Chances are there is a course out there for you. Happy Learning.