Geof Hare – Board Stiff

Like many residents, winter brought me to Fernie but it was the summer that made me stay. Fernie summers may be short but that could be the reason I love them so much - you  never get tired of them. When summer rolls around and the trails finally dry up and Koocanusa fills up, I try and get as much as possible out of these short few months. Every year seems to improve and I find the biking trails to be better, the boating and lake life is better, and the town is more alive as each summer passes.

Boardstiff is going on 16 years now and a lot has changed over that time in the retail world. The rise of the internet and online shopping has made such an impact in the way we do business. But what I love about Fernie is that people here still really appreciate and recognize the service that a little store like ours can provide. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us since the beginning. We look forward to continually being a part of this ever changing landscape that is Fernie and the Elk Valley.

Q. Summers in Fernie are celebrated because... you can never get enough of it!

Q. The best views in town are found... right out my back door.

Q. My last $10 is best spent... on gas for the boat.

Q. If in Fernie this summer, don't leave before... pop into the store and say hello, then take a float down the river.